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Australia's Fastest
Growing Business
Network in Sport

Australia's Fastest Growing
Business Network in Sport

Australia's Fastest
Growing Business
Network in Sport

Australia's Fastest Growing
Business Network in Sport

Australia's Fastest
Growing Business
Network in Sport

Australia's Fastest Growing
Business Network in Sport

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The beauty of sport surrounds the ability it has to bind people together, regardless of where they’ve come from. Driven by emotion, passion, and a desire to win, mutual ground is found, providing the perfect platform to build relationships, entertain, do business, inspire community projects, and enjoy the incredible journey that sport creates through time.

about us


Founded in 2017 by CEO Luke Edmonds, Connection 2 Sports was born with the intention to provide a level of service to associated partners unmatched within the Australian market.

The landscape within Australian sport has changed. No longer do corporate partners allocate the time to attend multiple fixtures throughout the calendar year, nor do they possess the dominant appetite to gain exposure through traditional type assets. Value is now justified through a touch and feel-like experience package, a targeted business 2 business network approach, or a tailored event incorporating relevant talent, forming part of the framework that separates the CNX 2 Sports approach to doing business.

What We Do

Network Growth & Development

The Connection 2 Sports networking platform is proven, providing a direct ROI to business based upon network growth and an increased exposure to business opportunities.

Sporting Experiences

The CNX 2 Sports membership platform provides a diverse range of opportunities to network, entertain, and to become familiar with associated CNX partners. Connection 2 Sports also works one on one with your business to provide tailored solutions appropriate to your business and client base. Our numerous partners ensure our events are unique, experience driven, and provide a first class level of service.


Community support forms a key pillar of the CNX 2 Sports operation. Partnering with multiple organisations, it is our priority to ensure our contribution has a positive impact on those in need via our community partnerships.



Introductory level, providing great value and variety.


A serious step up, together with access across the board.


The Rolls Royce membership. Ask, and you shall receive.

Proudly supporting...

Luke and the team at Connection 2 Sports approached me and offered an opportunity to hold a testimonial in recognition of my 19-year career in the NRL. At the time I was not very keen on the idea, an entire afternoon focusing on myself was scary as it felt like it was the final sign off and I had no control over what part of my career was focused on the most!

To the teams credit the afternoon was an amazing success on many fronts, it created an opportunity to bring together a lot of my great mates along with long term supporters of mine and the Cronulla Sharks. I had an opportunity to share stories on stage with NRL greats who I played alongside, past Sharks greats, my mentors and coaches. We also had an amazing opportunity to raise money for charities and give back to many who have supported myself right through my career.

The planning, the venue and the ease of the day made for a great event and something I will be forever grateful for.
Paul Gallen
I met Luke through a mutual contact at the CNX 2 Sports Annual Sports Luncheon in 2018. The event itself was an incredible experience with some great Footy talents present to meet and interact with, along with great entertainment and food.

Luke is a brilliant event host, whether he is in the audience with us or hosting the entire event, he makes the time to engage with everyone, and knows his clients well.

CNX has given me some incredible memories and life experiences that I would never have otherwise encountered. Luke & the team are a pleasure to work with and provide the highest level of professionalism with their unique experiences
Steven Bedwell Ladbrokes
Luke has not only been a genuine supporter of the Sharks Football and Leagues clubs for years, he and his CNX2 team have developed an outstanding networking platform that delivers amazing experiences at my beloved Sharks games.

This includes the development of on-going personal relations with the members, that has created a group of successful business men and executives available to support the live sport in any way possible. This group would only exist and continue to exist with the constant contact and personal involvement by Luke.

The sporting industry, in particular the NRL are fortunate to have Luke and the CNX2 team to undertake this role. No other party has been able to develop a platform like this; undertaken through a combination of continued relationship development, passion for the game and just hard work.
Phil Anseline
At New Century Group we pride ourselves on complete construction and development supporting a wide range of clientele. We were given an opportunity to link up with Connection 2 Sports and when pitched to myself and the team it was something that made sense – the offering aligned to business requirements; it was the perfect fit!

The unique platform that CNX deliver has supported our business over the last 24 months, providing us with a number of introductions, whilst assisting to entertain and satisfy the requirements of our client retention strategy.

We engaged CNX 2 Sports to run a tailored event for New Century Group, providing a unique platform that incorporated talent, entertainment, and a weekend away for The State of Origin. The clients still talk about the trip! It was a huge success and an experience we will certainly engage CNX again to repeat many times over into the future.

We have recommended a variety businesses and individuals to the platform and we say to all of them, give it a go and see what it is all about.
New Century Group Australia
Since Luke first walked through the doors of our ‘home away from home’ for families in Randwick, he has been continuously looking for ways to support our Chapter. Not only financially, through his CNXN2 Sport luncheons but also with game side experiences for our families, working with Sharks players to become involved and creating awareness in the community. We are appreciative of Luke’s connection and commitment with RMHC Sydney and look forward to a long relationship.
Simone Daher